Rari Capital’s Week #12 Track 🏎

Give it a read and reach out with any questions! 👏

💸 Financials (at time of writing):

  • TVL: $22,195,639
  • Total Fees Generated: $209,805.45
  • Foundation donations: $17,713
  • Burned RGT: 0
  • Total RGT supply: 10,000,000
  • Stable Pool APY: 20.88%
  • Yield Pool APY: 17.04%
  • ETH Pool APY: 10.46%

💻 Development

  • What was done this past week?

→ Final touches being put on Fuse contracts/UI

→ Security reviews by more third-parties

  • What can you expect to see live soon?

→ Beginning stages of Fuse safeguarded launch

→ Educational content

→ Pool explainer diagrams

🏁 Essentials

🗳 Rari Improvement Proposals (https://vote.rari.capital/#/)

  • No new RIPs this week


-Jack (Twitter: @JackLipstone)

To learn more about Rari Capital, visit rari.capital. Stay connected and follow us on Twitter or reach out to help@rari.capital! If you’d like to chat, send us a message on Telegram or Discord.




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Jack Lipstone

Jack Lipstone

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